Save yourself the time from stalking me. Here’s the jist.

I used to be a conceptual artist. I had shows called Straight Gangsta and Blood, Guts and a Stiff Lust. My works were titled 1 minute of Ass, Pirates and Hustlers, Dumb Dick Danglas, Niggas on Flickr, Dog Brains, and Failed Suicides.

I used to write a blog called LA Art Sucks: Vampire Criticism and Dick Bass Stories under a Chinese alter ego, Song Kwai Li.

While I made these works, I worked as a Marketing Strategist for Feed Company, The Viral Factory and Denizen. I made money blowing up branded videos on YouTube.

During this time I also started rapping and eventually produced an album. I performed acapela versions of my songs throughout rambunctious dingy lit bars and cafes across one Berlin winter.

And shortly thereafter wrote a novel that I eventually trashed and replaced with a screenplay that became a film project that I co-produced, co-directed with a friend - just the two of us - shot in over 53 locations and with a cast of 30+ It took us nearly 2 years to finish. It showed me that I can move mountains.

We screened this project at several film festivals including in our hometown, at the LA FILM FESTIVAL 2017.

I got married the same year and close friends who’ve known me for years still say I’m a mystery to them. I’m forever personal yet enigmatic. I control my narrative.

I seem to be good at what I do because clients want to continuously work with me. I’m not a genius nor that talented. I have a work ethic breed from my immigrant parents - the hardest and kindest people I’v ever meet.

On set I try to lead by example. I move very fast. I lookout for crews and stand up for those undervalued. I don’t have an issue with confrontation.

During a conversation over dinner, my client told me I was the most complicated person they’d ever known - more complicated than themselves. I took it as compliment.

I like working with people that work equally hard; people I can learn from. If you don’t work hard and want to hire me, I’m glad to do both of our jobs - I’ll just ask to be paid the rate of 2 people.

I am a director, cinematographer and editor, born in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, once illegal but now an American as any other. I’ve been living in Echo Park for 13 years. Help me get out.